Last pics and videos!


Happy Saturday!

Although we are already back in Zaragoza, we still have lots of videos and pics from this amazing week you will love watching, for sure! Here there are some of them, but you should keep on visiting the blog next week since we are going to continue uploading files. Enjoy this sunny Saturday morning and have a great weekend!

Creative Thursday!

Today has been a day full of creativity. In the morning, our students have been imaging how they would act if they were on a blind-date and they have taken advantage of it to know each other much better. In the afternoon, they have had to compose a rap song and drawn the outlines of their own hands for a vocabulary game afterwards.

At quarter past nine we have breakfast. Later, at ten o’clock, we went to the restaurant to do activities. The first activity was having dates and a wedding. It was very funny. At twenty to two we had to go to eat. Later, at three o’clock we go to do the second activity.

The activity was doing a rap song. Later, we made a picture of our hands and other people wrote things about you and it was very interesting because you know what people think about you.

Jorge Peyrona

2º B ESO


At 9’50 we go to have breakfast. Later, at quarter past ten, we have to go to catch a train and we go to an adventure park. In the adventure park, we do two different groups and we ride a horse. All this happen during the morning. At the evening we go to the adventure park again. It has fantastic activities like rock climbing, obstacle circuit and a zip-line. They are amazing!

Jorge Peyrona

2º B ESO